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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've been having some very weird dreams lately, some good and some bad, and it made me wonder about the nature of a dream. Of course, there are scientific, spiritual, religious, and even mystical explanations that revolve around a dream. As a writer of fantasy, I'm open to all of these possibilities. Yes, even the craziest of them. Crazy is interesting. Normal is boring.

Most don't remember any of the dream but the end. Some, like me, remember most of every dream. No, I'm not meaning I remember the many dreams that follow the last one before I wake. I mean the one we all wake up dwelling on before we get out of bed. One of three thoughts pop into my head every morning when I wake up: "Dang, it was just a dream," or "thank goodness that was only a dream," or even "that was just weird."

The strangest dreams I have are the ones that happen over and over again. Once again, one of those is bad and the other is very pleasant. I hate waking up from the pleasant one. It puts me in a bad mood. Some very good writing ideas have came from both nightmares and peaceful dreams. The theme of two of my manuscripts revolves around dreams as well. Does anybody remember any of their strangest dreams?


  1. Firstly - congrats on your blog. It looks good!
    And second - I love dreaming. Yep, bad ones too. Even books and movies don't let one dive into another world as nicely as a dream does. And -as you said - the book ideas are a great bonus!

  2. I apologize for the delay in a reply. The holidays have been both busy and stressful. I've actually been having dreams about the chapters I'm about to write lately. It's both helpful and strange. When I'm dreaming, it's really amazing observing how strong my imagination is. After all, a dream is the workings of the mind. I'm always awe-struck when a dream yields a story like flow with a suspensful plot and a beginning, middle, and end.