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Monday, December 19, 2011


This is the first attempt at blogging for me. I have heard it can be a very good outlet for writers, so that was great news for me. The question that vexed my mind while creating this page was what should be the subject of my first post?

I did what I usually do in times of confusion. I researched the topic and what did I uncover? Pages upon pages about what to post and what not to post on a blog. You'd think that would be very helpful, but every person who posted about the subject had different opinions. It's like asking a room full of people what their favorite flavor of icecream is. Everybody will crave different flavors, with the addition of that one strange person who picks some strange flavor nobody has ever heard of. I'll bet he's the most interesting person in the room.

Every post I read only confused me more and more. I looked up other writer's blogs and they all have different ways of using it. The conclusion I came to was that everybody has a blog for different reasons. Some for money, some for exposure, some for fun, and some, like me, who just love to write about anything and everything and want another excuse to write. The question I have for my imaginary followers that don't exist yet is, what do you like to blog about and if some of you don't have a blog, what would you post about if you made one? 


  1. Welcome to the blogsphere, T.D.! Blogging is kind of something you have to learn as you go along. I've been doing it for 6 months-ish and sometimes I still don't know what I'm doing. But that's the fun of it!

    You have a yearning for writing poetry and song lyrics daily? Does that mean you do it daily, or you have a yearning, but never do it? I love writing poetry myself. =)

  2. Thank you Rain. (: Yeah, I sort of figured I would learn as time went on. I'm still learning more and more about writing and I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. Buy you're right, it is fun.

    I try to write poetry/song lyrics daily. I REALLY enjoy it. I've been writing poetry since I was five years old and it keeps life fresh for me. in fact, my poems and lyrics are what inspires the romantic aspects of my stories, as well as the heartbreak parts. I would probably go crazy if I didn't write everyday. What type of things do you write about in your poetry? (:

  3. Hey, Dewmer. Congratulations on your new blog! I usually use my blog as an avenue to express some angst about something or someone rather than truly related to writing. If you'd care to take a look it's on my website - under The Blogerage.

    I look forward to seeing you on QT. Good luck with your poems/lyrics, fiction, etc.

  4. Thanks Zooks! (: Yeah, I enjoy blogging so far, as well as following other blogs. I will definitely check the website out.

    And also thank you for the help you gave me on the query letters I posted. Best wishes with your writing as well.

  5. I know how you feel about needing to write everyday, TD. I don't know if I would go crazy, but I would feel weird for sure if I missed a day. Poetry, however, I usually write in bursts--mostly when I'm feeling down. So a lot of it is kind of dark...but I have a lot of whimsical stuff too. I guess some of it's romantic, but those ones aren't related to me.

  6. I have some dark poetry as well. Mood can really affect how a person writes. I find it nearly impossible to write anything romantic when I'm feeling down and I dislike writing depressing tear jerkers when I'm in a cheery mood.