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Friday, January 13, 2012


This is a poem I wrote recently that i've been feeling compelled to write for some time. It's only a rough draft at the moment, but I still felt like sharing, so enjoy:

There is little as divine and familiar to me as her name.
It belongs to the one girl who lights my inner flame.
Yours is the voice of reason when lack of sense shrouds my mind.
And through years of struggling and growth, in our souls we now bind.
I realize now a life without you is a nightmare so bleak.
Wrapped up in unceratinty, it's your love I only seek.
You are the dream I will fight for forever.
And only within your eyes will my aching ever sever.
I will always value the promises I've made.
If this love is true, it shall never fade.
With every laugh, smile, and touch, I am inspired to see my goals through.
I want to build you a life of joy, trust, and love, because I see my future in you.
I still remember the first time I saw that beautiful face.
If you should ever leave, my heart's still yours in case.

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOD! This is absolutely beautiful and stunning. If someone wrote me a poem like this, I'd cry. It is that beautiful, trust me!

    I'd love to read more poems. Write and post more, if only for me. :)