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Saturday, April 28, 2012


I figured I would return to my the basics on this post and cover a topic I cannot stand at the moment. Yes, this is a subject that vexes many people and still so few really know the answer. I'm definitely among those still searching for the answer sadly. In a friendship or a relationship, there always comes a point of extremem tension when something happens to anger one or both of the people in the friendship or relationship.

There could be many reasons why this moment of tension came so suddenly. It could be something said, something done, something not said, or something not done. Amazing how little of a chance we really have to get ir right in the first place, isn't it? So then comes the fireworks and many possibilities follow suit. This could be the end of the friendship or relationship, or it could be resolved.

There in lies the question, however. How do you resolve a conflict with as little hurt as possible, and how do you know if it should even be resolved instead of simply walking away? These are questions I've been longing for the answer to. If the answers could be found to these questions, so many unfortunate aching hearts would be eased of their suffering. Alas, we are not so fortunate to know the solution. The experts have many different methods, but this is a two way street and rarely do both sides agree on even the method of resolving the argument. Any thoughts on this would be lovely.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have lowered the prices on both of my books to expand readership. I realize ebooks should be cheaper and want potential customers to feel they are getting a good deal for a read they will enjoy. This time, I will provide descriptions for both books, as well as links.

Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates

Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates is a young adult fantasy and the first in a five book series. The book has a compelling amount of suspense, adventure, and romance with a message reminding us to have confidence in ourselves, even when hope seems lost, and that love can be a light in the darkest of times. The story revolves around Balthazar of Kalator, a boy of sixteen, who carries a burden when he discovers he is a destined hero know as the Chosen and his beloved Kristella is bonded to his fate. They share thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even death. If one dies, so does the other. The mystic kingdom of Kalator was once peaceful, but evil hangs in the air of an ancient demon who now hunts vulnerable Kristella to end the threat of his ancient enemies known as the Chosen. In the darkest of towers hides another enemy who follows the ancient fiend and means to summon a foreboding beast from the hellish Underworld. As a long forgotten war resurfaces, the people will, as they always have, turn to The Chosen Hero, but Balthazar refuses to believe himself a Hero of Light and it seems his love for Kristella is the only light in the world plagued by Shadows. He must overcome his insecurities to find the courage to protect Kristella, defeat the predator that hunts him, known as the Shadow, and save his people from the certain ruin they will face from the spawn of hell.


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Dream Journal

Description: Dream Journal is a contemporary romance that points out the miracle that is love in the face of great tragedy. Adam’s grandparents don’t know what to do with him when he is rendered mute after a fire claims both his parents and his home. His elderly guardians consider it a miracle when the boy starts talking out of the blue after dreaming of a mysterious girl. Over the years, Adam records the reoccurring dreams of the girl in a journal, until they fade away and he leaves the town of Willow Brook to attend college and further his path to a writing career. Adam returns a 23 year old aspiring writer and begins working in his grandparents’ book store, while finishing his manuscript.  He is startled when he crosses paths with the very girl from his dreams in reality. An upper class girl named Sarah, who is staying in Willow Brook for the summer. The two start a beautiful summer romance, in which they fall in love. But, the secret of the Dream Journal could threaten to tear them apart. Adam must somehow prove to Sarah that miracles exist and their love is real. The stakes are stacked against Adam and his heart can’t bear to lose the angel who saved him from his sorrow.


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I would much enjoy if any readers who look up these two books would comment their opinions about the descriptions and/or the covers.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I need readers to read and review the fantasy book I uploaded not long ago. I posted links to the three main sites I need these reviews. I would greatly appreciate any opinion a reader posts on those sites, whether it be good or bad. Also, tell me what you think of the cover. It is a hand drawn cover and very much the way i envisioned it, as it pertains to a part in the story. I thank you all for your support and hope to bring more readers to this blog soon.



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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Here is another link for Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates to be bought for Nook.

Barnes and Noble-

Also, I plan to hold a contest once the romance, Dream Journal, is added. The prize will be a free copy of either book. Check back for details.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Below are the links to Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated. When Barnes and Noble finally finish processing their edition through PubIt, I will provide their link to it as well. I hope you all enjoy it.  Also, the romance should be uploaded within the next few days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have recently gotten my first book uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon, still working on PubIt! It's called Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates. It's the first book of a five book series and a young adult fantasy. I will soon also be uploading my first romance, Dream Journal, as well. I'll be providing Hyperlinks as soon as I can figure out how. I love writing in the genres of fantasy and a romance. What are some of your favorite book genres?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


My sister has been healing very well and is now starting to get back to her normal day to day lifestyle. I thank you all for your patience and will post a poem I put together real quick for you to enjoy and comment on if you'd like.

Don’t Run Away

So here we are again, driven apart by fear.
I don’t want this to end, but I can feel it drawing near.
You’re more than just a friend, but you’re barely here.
We both fear to take the chance and find the words to say.
Together, we can dance, but please don’t run away.
I’ll understand and I’ll be patient. I’ll always be there.
I know you fear abandonment, but darling, I’ll always care.
So take this leap of faith with me. I promise to dry your eyes.
We can runaway and be free, like a couple of fireflies.
And I’ll hold you when you hurt. I’ll know just what to say.
Don’t leave me in a cloud of dirt. Please don’t run away.