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Saturday, April 28, 2012


I figured I would return to my the basics on this post and cover a topic I cannot stand at the moment. Yes, this is a subject that vexes many people and still so few really know the answer. I'm definitely among those still searching for the answer sadly. In a friendship or a relationship, there always comes a point of extremem tension when something happens to anger one or both of the people in the friendship or relationship.

There could be many reasons why this moment of tension came so suddenly. It could be something said, something done, something not said, or something not done. Amazing how little of a chance we really have to get ir right in the first place, isn't it? So then comes the fireworks and many possibilities follow suit. This could be the end of the friendship or relationship, or it could be resolved.

There in lies the question, however. How do you resolve a conflict with as little hurt as possible, and how do you know if it should even be resolved instead of simply walking away? These are questions I've been longing for the answer to. If the answers could be found to these questions, so many unfortunate aching hearts would be eased of their suffering. Alas, we are not so fortunate to know the solution. The experts have many different methods, but this is a two way street and rarely do both sides agree on even the method of resolving the argument. Any thoughts on this would be lovely.


  1. Situations like these are terrible. Unfortuantely they come every now and then. A little distance never hurts - time to cool tempers and let thoughts flow. Many times this alone will show how it goes after that. You can't force the other person to do anything, but if you try to keep yourself open,ready to compromise, and not set on being right, things will work out in the end-
    whether that means a sustained friendship or a parting of ways.

  2. I agree that situation like these are very terrible. It's even more unbearable when the arguments become frequent. Time to cool off is definitely the proper course of action. unfortunately, when anger flares and prides swell, harsh words are usually bound to follow. That's usually the point where things escalate and people wish they had simply cooled off. When an argument starts, it's pretty much best to take some time to allow things to settle down. That's something I'm still working on getting the hang of.