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Friday, May 25, 2012


Today, I have the honor of featuring Indie Author, Solitaire Parke! He has offered us a glimpse of his Horror/Thriller novel, "Vengeance of the Wolf!" A book sure to have you at the edge of your seat and turning each page with increasing suspense and anticipation. So without further ado, check it out!


I have been avidly reading books of all kinds, but especially Science Fiction books since I was twelve years old. It was the author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, that really inspired me to become a writer. His style of writing spoke to me and evoked a passion for the written word. Throughout my life I have acquired a degree in Music Theory, a Masters in Photography and spent a decade and a half in Graphic and Web Design, but my love of writing never let up. I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a full-time Author. I have written books ranging from Horror/Thriller to Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as Metaphysical and Poetry. I am also the proud owner of Tairobi…my Manx cat. He’s been a huge help in the writing process!

Friday, May 18, 2012


For any of my fellow indie writers reading this. If any of you are looking for a review and would be willing to do a review in return, let me know via email or simply comment on this post. I'm mostly into fiction, my dominant genres being fantasy, YA, and romance, but I'm open to most other genres. Also, keep in mind my two ebooks are fantasy and romance. If anyone is interested I wuld greatly appreciate it.

Monday, May 14, 2012


As a writer of romance and fantasy with heavy romantic elements, I feel this is really my niche. I can't really write about dragons to you all on a blog everyday. If I could, I would. I love dragons. I wish I could own a dragon. Alas, dragons are not a part of this blog or my reality. My next best topic is something to do with romance.

Where I feel my best topic is right now is pride, for pride can keep a person from releasing the magical emotions from the depths of their hearts. Pride can be one of the hardest things to swallow, especially in a situation of extreme tension. But pride can cause a person to lose the one they love in an instant. It's good to have pride, but not too much of it.

It's something I have vowed to master, other than writing. Of course, I am still no expert and I am still very young. It will take many more years before I fully understand this concept. I wrote a poem about it.


Like the leaves in the autumn season.
I was a rhyme without a reason.
I just can't strike this heavy feeling.
Or why my fate keeps sealing.
Before the dawn, the sun never rose.
Why it always rained, heaven knows.
I clung to this pride and wouldn't let go.

You came in like a hero to a foresaken soul.
Like the moon to the tide when it's full,
you became my heart's push and pull.
You showed me the error of my ways.
You led me to the path of brighter days.
Now it seems like before, I'm pushing you away.

I've fallen down to the darkest of sorrow.
Without you, I no longer look to tomorrow.
It amazes me how someone can reshape a whole life.
In your eyes, I saw a bright future where you removed this knife.
I now cling to this sadness and it chains me to never move forward.
All I want to do is make you the one goal I move toward.

So now I fight the darkness within.
Now I cast away regrets and sin.
Now I fight to finally break free,
so I can forge a future for you and me.
You blessed me and my thoughts did arrange.
Now I stand strong and tall on the road to change.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I'm sure everyone has gotten at least close to this point before. The weight of the world presses down on your shoulders and soon it feels like everyone is suddenly standing against you. At this point, it feels there is no way to relieve the pain and burning coming from within. You don't know whether you will burst into tears or explode on the next person who says something you find the least bit revolting. We've all been close to this point before, if not reached it.

The real question is, how do you prevent it? Is it as hopeless as trying to stop a volcano from erupting or a tornado from touching down and consuming all in its path? Obviously, holding the raw emotion within like a dam on a river won't work. The emotion will soon build and build and build until breaking is inevitable and unstoppable. There are methods of course to dealing with the emotions as they come, but does that work for everybody?

The only thing logical to do once you reach the point of breaking down is to be alone and let it all out. At least, that's what works for me. Other people might find company to be helpful. I find that writing and music help keep my emotions from running wild and breaking me down. Each one works as an outlet that calms me. other people find other ways. Any thoughts on this?

Monday, May 7, 2012


We've talked a lot about my books and your favorite genres. You've seen two of my poems and read what I had to say about determination. Through my writing, publishing, and other endeavors, one friend has always been standing beside me. Or shall I say, sat at my ankles. He's there when I need a hug, to smile, or to play. He's a friend I know I can trust and will love me unconditionally. He's also one of the characters of the romance. Let me introduce you all to my pal, Cubby!

Isn't he precious? That little furry guy has been by my side through each of these books and continues to be there while I write the next ones. It's inspiring how he always seems so content and happy with life. I wonder to myself, what if we all could have that sort of attitude. Well, minus the butt sniffing and other gross habits dogs like. He is also the dog in the photograph on the cover of the romance. I couldn't submit the cover without him.

I know some people aren't into dogs and I like cats as well. But I must say that this dog has been a major help in keeping me strong and for that, I'm thankful to have him as a blessing to my life. I know it may sound cheesy to some, but rare bits of happiness should always be cherished. After all, happinesss can come and go in the blink of an eye. Do any of you have a faithful companion you would like to talk about? If so, leave a comment and tell us all about them. (:

Friday, May 4, 2012


As a writer of both of these genres, I find myself quite curious to know how many people favor which genre, or even if you favor both or neither. I have been writing fantasy and poems since I was really young. I started romances around the age of fifteen or sixteen, so four to five years now. I'm wondering which genre will sell better. I realize this depends on how well I write either, but this also depends on the preference of the readers.

I must also point out that romance has always been a part of my writing. In the fantasy series, some heavy plot points revolve around the romance of the two main characters. I find romantic elements can really add feeling and suspense to a story. Yet, so can a giant minotaur, or even a dragon. I know what you're thinking. How can either of these creatures add feeling to a story. Read the first book of my fantasy series and you'll see.

I know there are some people who don't have a taste for either of these genres. If so, I would still love to hear your thoughts on the genres you prefer. This is an open post. I just wanted to discuss the two genres I read and write. You can even discuss your favorite books of your favorite genres. Anything to bring some entertainment. And I just realized it's not Saturday. Silly me. Oh well, this post can't wait.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is a post I was looking forward to writing. At this very moment, I am working on the sequel to the first book of the fantasy series. I just got to say, I love writing sequels. It's just so entertaining wondering what the reader is going to think at certain parts, how it connects to the previous book, and whether the reader will think it compares to the other book. A lot of writers find this to be quite tedious to consider, or they lose their minds under the pressure of making a quality sequel that readers will respect.

To really grasp the many different reactions people pertain to sequels, one could consider movie series. Sometimes, fans hate sequels, feeling that the plot was weak and the storyline lost its quality. I find it quite common to hear that people feel that the first movie or book was the best in the series and the ones that followed tried to hard to outdo the first. Other times, I hear that sequels were either as good, or better than the first and previous books or movies before them.

I feel that the secret to writing a good sequel is to not forget what inspired the first. It's important to build off of it, but not stray too far from what brought fans to it in the first place. These are things I consider as I write my sequel. I'm no expert of course, but I have observed and formed my own opinions. I guess we shall see if it makes a difference or not. What are your thoughts on sequels?