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Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes, I realize this is a weird concept for a post, but it happened to me today and I thought of what a lovely blog post this would make. It goes like this, you are going on the elevator alone and somebody comes up and joins you. You stand there in front of the buttons and each take a turn hitting the button, unless you're both going to the same floor. The door ten closes and you wait in silence while the elvator takes forever to climb just a few floors. There are two types of people at this point, the chatters and the quiet ones.

The chatters always make it awkward for the quiet ones. Those who are shy will usually either nod with a smile or give one word responses. When two chatters are on an elevator, you would swear they have been bestfriends for many years, despite the fact that they just met. They will talk up the entire time the elvator climbs or descends. Two quiet people on an elevator is pure silence. They both hope the other won't intiate conversation. You can hear a pin drop within that elevator.

Now, I can be either of these depending on my mood. This particular day, I wasn't in the mood for small talk. I'm in a hospital and on a mission. This woman walks up and joins me in the elevator. I silently sighed to myself. luckily, she was a quiet one. The silent wait in the elevator for one floor seemed to drag on and on. I could feel the awkwardness creeping up. I considered breaking the silence for a laugh, but I didn't want to risk her actually being an undercover chatter and making my mission take that much longer. The elvator opened and we both sighed to ourselves and went on our way. And that is what what i call an awkward moment in an elevator. However, there are many worse scenarios.


  1. Not a weird concept at all! I think it is something many of us contemplate from time to time. For the short duration of an elevator trip, I could go either way. Usually I wait for cues from others to determine whether I will be a Chatter or Quiet One. :)

  2. i agree not wierd at all. i get scared when i go into an elevator. don't know why but i do. must the walls coming in thing. i pray whoever was in the hospital will all right. :)

    p.s. i'm aalya rain a friend of solace's. :)